Friday 25 October 2013

3 Decades (1983 – 2013), Drawings by Alexander Devasia, 6 PM . 09 NOV 2013 . GALLERY OED COCHIN

To draw has always been the most direct contact with my surroundings – people and nature. 
In 1984, I was suspended from the College of Fine Arts for one year because of political and philosophical differences with my teachers. I left behind in my hostel room hundreds of drawings made during my study course until then. During this suspended year, I went on working, staying at home in Punnapra, my native village in Kerala, always keeping paper and pencils with me like a diary. 
Most of the drawings in this collection displayed here originated during this period. 
On my return to college, I wasn’t prepared for the shocking loss: all the drawings made from 1979 till the beginning of 1984 had vanished without a trace. For me, this fact was a cause for tremendous pain. 
This exhibition is dedicated to my lost drawings and in remembrance of that time.
Alexander Devasia

Exhibition 9 – 30 November 2013
Gallery OED Cochin, Dilip Narayanan, 6/500, Bazar Road, Mattancherri, Cochin, 682 002, Kerala, 09447 108011

Thursday 24 October 2013


No question, it is need to pluck weeds otherwise we can‘t reach the several spots of our plantations for giving water; finally it is impossible to harvest the fruits and vegetables, we enjoy to eat freshly from our garden – grown by the bless of nature! 

No pesticides are used. As fertilizer we take the mud and the weed of our ponds, a never ending production place, and of course really hard work to get them out of the water – but a very good training for the body! 

Just starting to make a way, again I discover more little flowers I haven‘t seen yet. So I run back into the house to fetch the camera for taking pictures. Seeing them later enlarged in the computer I can not stop to marvel at this incredible world we miss, because it is to tiny for our eyes – who knees down to the ground for having a look closer at it? 
These are some yellow beauties …

Thursday 17 October 2013

Creative Living in a World of Conflicts – talk by Ravindra Ranasinha, Sri Lankan Dramatist and Sociologist

In the afternoon of Mon, October 14, 2013 our very special guest Ravindra Ranasinha arrived in the Sylviander House, accompanied by friendsoftibet wellbeing campaigners Suresh Babu and CA Kallianpur. 

Our talk started immediately as we would have had just a short break, but in fact Ravindra Ranasinha we met the first time. 
On the morning tea veranda, where even on hot days a constant stream of a breeze always helps to feel pleasant and cool, I served my famous Espresso and our double filtered rain water flavored with my homegrown lemon balm. 

Slowly some interested friends arrived and joined our talks, also two members of the secret police to protect Ravindra Ranasinha, since he comes from Sri Lanka. 

During Sunset we moved to the west veranda to watch the beautiful sky. 

Enjoying the wonderful overlook to the colorful scenery the dialogs went on …

… while more guests arrived, among them friendsoftibet wellbeing campaigner Eldtho T.Matthew with his family. 

Before getting dark we went down to the Art Museum, sat on the floor in a circle and Ravindra Ranasinha started his talk about creative living in a world of conflicts and how to find creative solutions … 

Soon this inspiring speech flowed into a vital conversation. 

Also artist Ajayan with poet Philipose Thathampally had come, who recited by singing one of his peoms about rain – as he did on our 3rd children class on August 25. 

Ravindra, Suresh and Kallianpur could stay over night, so after the dinner with roti, honey and self made mango jam we made us comfortable on the spacious west veranda under the stars. Unto midnight we flew with our philosophical reflexions about life in the mystic light of a bright growing moon … 

The next day was quite to short for the themes of our discussions. 
Luckily Sethu Das – founder of friendsoftibet – arrived to meet Ravindra, who then shared some more hours with us in the Sylviander House than he had planned before – no question, everybody was very happy. 

We had lunch in our kitchen. The cooking was directed by Alexander – organic rice, vegetable and fish fried in banana leaves, assisted by me preparing a salad – the dressing with self made mustard – and fried rice with lemon leaves from our garden. 
One can see how the vibrations curling through the air, even the lamp over the table doesn‘t hang straight! 

Then again on the airy east veranda the hours passed to fast. 
Late afternoon Ravindra – accompanied by Suresh – had to leave for Trivandrum, from where next morning he would fly back to home. 

Deeply touched we said good bye with the idea in our mind, to find some free days in 2014 for another get together, but having some more time – for sure our conversations will never end … 

We say thanks to all, spending these wonderful hours with us in Sylvianderland thinking and talking together about creative solutions in this world of conflicts within such a beauty of nature. 

Thursday 3 October 2013

Lecture of Mrinalini Rajgopal on healing plants in our surroundings

Sometimes we are so lucky having very interesting visitors. 
On the 1st of October 2013 Mrinalini Rajgopal from Ottapalam near Palghat stayed in the Sylviander House for 2 days sharing with us her knowledge about the plants in our garden – mostly considered as useless weeds and plucked out. As me after taking pictures for my biota study. 
Since some months I let them grow along the south wall in front of the house. On dry days without rain, when I have to water my cultivations of tomatoes, chilies, capsicum and herbage I also water this stripe of weed cultivation, curiously what is growing by nature – and more and more I feel it looks so beautiful. Of course some people still not recognize it as a wonderful garden, which can serve us with healing power.

Mukuti: helpful for piles, painful periods, glancing the uterus.

Thumpa: helpful for Asthma, problems with eyes and lungs. 

Luckily during Mrinalini‘s visit 29 women from the village employed in the Thozhilurape-Project are cleaning our westland where we will cultivate pumpkins as last year. These women are payed by the Panchayat for helping in the gardens of the people here in Chettikad with the garantee for having work on at least 100 days a year. 

When we told them about Mrinalini could giving them a lecture on healing plants in the surroundings, they were happy to get to know and helped us to clean the rice for our lunch.

After finishing their work they gathered in front of the house to listen to Mrinalini‘s lecture. 

And they could asked many questions about which plants can cure their complaints.

They were so much interested in what Mrinalini has to tell, that they invited her for their next meeting in some weeks. 

Thanks to Mrinalini, come again – pinnekanam!