Monday 11 July 2016

Impressions of 50th Wellbeing Tibetan Medical Camp with the exhibition »Tibet Dreams« May 6 – 6, 2016 at Sylviander House

For the 9th Wellbeing Camp at Sylviander House, again there is a special program, the exhibition »Tibet Dreams« by Francis Kodankandath. 

As usual, Friendsoftibet founder Sethu Das and campaigner Eswar Anandan arrive a day before with organic rice and organic vegetables for our meals, which will be cooked by Lilama. 

Until evening they are busy with the preparation for the exhibition. 
After a week-long successful exhibition at Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, »Tibet Dreams«, art installations and paintings by contemporary Indian Artist Francis Kodankandath travel to Alappuzha, Kerala. The exhibition was conceived in support of Tibet people's solidarity under the leadership of HH the Dalai Lama and their struggle to regain their lost Independence.

Early morning on May 4, the tibetan team reaches at Sylviander House from the railway station of Alappuzha, picked up by 2 auto rikshaws organized by our rikshaw driver Elias. 
This time the team is:
Dr. Dorjee Rapten Neshar
Dr. Lhundup Dorjee
Yeshi Chodon
Tenzin Nangsel
Tenzin Dhonden

»Tibet Dreams« will be inaugurated jointly by Dr KN Raghavan, Kochi Customs Commissioner and the author of 'Vanishing Shangrila' and noted political cartoonist Yesudasan at Centre for Social and Political Art (CSPA), Sylviander House, on Wed, May 4, 2016 at 10 am. The exhibition will remain open till May 6, 2016. Entry is free and open to all. 

We start with a tibetan prayer, recited by the tibetan team. 

After my welcome, Eswar will moderate the event.  
Since he curates the show, he gives an introduction into the art works:
»These art installations are done on 30 different Tibetan cloth artefacts collected over a period of time, representing the Tibetan culture from the three main regions U-Tsang, Kham and Amdo. The dreams and aspirations of the Tibetan people are captured in the paintings and drawings done on these artefacts.«

The event is supported by Friends of Tibet, Mumbai-based Tibet Support Group. The organisation believes that "Tibet Dreams" would be a very important show that would highlight and bring forward the glorious Tibetan culture and cause to the forefront and play an important role in the history of Tibet for time to come.

Then Dr KN Raghavan and Yesudasan are honored with gifts conveyed by Dr. Dorjee. 

Dr KN Raghavan speaks about his book »Vanishing Shangri la« …

… after him cartoonist Yesudasan talks, remembering olden times of his career …

Then Eswar announces the next highlight: the release of »Resistance in Exile: A Study of Tibetan Poetry in English«. It is one of the first books on Tibetan Poetry in Exile by Dr Appu Jacob John. Dr John is a Campaigner of Friends of Tibet. He is also an Assistant Professor in English at St Albert's College, Ernakulam. The book is being published by Authors Press Group, New Delhi.

Dr KN Raghavan unveils the book, which is presented to cartoonist Yesudasan.

Dr Appu Jacob John then talks about his work.

And Eswar is reciting one of his poems about Tibet …

Finally Victoria Sheldon, our long time campaigner from Canada, gives a short speech.

After this event, tiffins and tea are served to all guests …

Before Dr KN Raghavan will leave back to Kochi, he has to sign his book for an interested reader … 

… then he consults Dr. Dorjee …

… while the campaigners get prepared for the coming patients in the hall …

And as often, again I wonder how many cars fit in the garden in front of our house.

Sometimes both, Dr. Dorjee Rapten and Dr. Lhundup Dorjee read the pulse of a patient … 

Finally dinner in our kitchen after a long day … No no, it‘s not a camera shake, but the energy vibrating in our kitchen!

The following 2 days the medical camp goes on, the campaigners, the tibetan team and the doctors are quite busy …

Dr. Lhundup Dorjee is reading the pulse of a patient. 

During morning and afternoon there are short breaks in our kitchen for tea and tiffins, brougth by our brother in law Varghese from his nearby tea shop.

When needed, Alexander will translate for those patients who not speak english.

Often some family members come together for treatment. 

Sethu is translating if wished, since the doctors and the tibetan team are not speaking malayalam. 

As always, we all had a good time together … Shangri La …

Middle of July 2016 will be the next camp.