Tuesday 8 December 2015

Yoga Workshop & Ayurveda Seminar

Yoga Workshop & Ayurveda Seminar 
at Sylviander House – Eco Homestay & Art Museum
Alappuzha – Kerala – S-India

20 – 28 February 2016
conducted by Kerstin Einhorn

Costs: 540.- € / person
7 days workshop/seminar incl. 8 days stay with half board
Minimum participants: 4 persons
Arrival: 20.February 2016 – Departure: 28.February 2016
Registration deadline 31 December 2015: Life@sylvianderhouse.com
Minimum advance registration: 120.- €

***************** German language below ********************

7 days Yoga session 2 times a day, each 1 1/2 hours.
2 afternoons talk and lecture of Ayurveda Seminar, the main themes are:
Which ayurvedic personality types are you? 
Vatta/ Pitta/ Kapha?
How to use your individual Dosha as bio-energies in daily routines?
How to combine Ayurveda with other naturopathic treatments?
Practical and easy comprehension of the basics of Ayurveda

Details of accommodation and food:
x 8 days stay, twin share basis / double rooms with lunch or dinner, including predominantly organic food, green tea, ayurvedic and tibetan health teas, coffee, double filtered drinking water from in-house water catching tank.
Language & translation assistance: English-German

Not included:
Yoga mat – if needed available for 8.- € 
Airport transfer – best to fly to Kochi airport
Excursions as boat trip in the backwaters of Alleppey, visit to the Krishna Palace and temples in the area, shopping in Alleppey

Those interested in art and wish to involve in creating painting/drawing or/and writing, can get advice and inspirations from the hosts of Sylviander House, Sylvie and Alexander who are both a well established artist and writer photographer couple.
Note: All the above activities will cost extra and are to be paid as per activity,  including taxi charges and visiting fees besides fees for training in art or writing etc.

Profile of Kerstin Einhorn: 
Kerstin Einhorn is a well established and experienced Yoga and Ayurvedic instructor and alternative practitioner who has been practicing professionally as an Ayurveda-professional, Yoga-master and a tour guide.
A German national, who is educated as an alternative practitioner, this former pharmacologist moved to Kerala in 1999, to widen her knowledge in Ayurveda and Yoga.
Since 2005 she lives and works in Kerala, S-India. She is married to an Indian and has made Kerala her home from where she imparts her knowledge and skills to interested travellers, yoga students, Ayurvedic students and travellers. She is also an expert counsellor who does private consultations and provides guidance for small groups, including tour guiding especially for German and other individual European clients and tour groups. She regularly contributes articles to Daheim magazine in Germany. Her work is showcased at:
Mobile: 91- 9496138111

Profile of Sylviander Eco Homestay Art Museum
Using sound ecological building ideas including natural plaster and old techniques of construction, the house was conceived and executed by the German-Indian artist couple – Sylvie Bantle, writer, and Alexander Devasia, painter. 
Natural materials used are the traditional plaster for inside walls ‘Kumayam‘ (shellpowder, sand, natural glue from a creeper plant), terracotta flooring, ancient windows and doors, with the average height of the rooms exceeding 3 m keeping the spacious rooms airy and cool. Bathrooms with traditional shower, open air washing place and verandahs create a pure traditional Keralan feeling. The house was inaugurated on 21.Dec.2012. 
Sylviander House beside showcasing cultural gatherings is an example of  ecological architecture in a classical Keralan style surrounded by a big garden with pond and biotope.

6 km north of Alappuzha
400 m to Chettikad fishing beach.
70 km from international airport Kochi. 
Sylviander House, Blue Star Library Road, Chettikad, Pathirapally PO, Alappuzha 688 521, Kerala, India.
Tel: +91.9645817014 
Contact email: Life@sylvianderhouse.com 

Yoga Workshop & Ayurveda Seminar 
im Sylviander House – Eco Homestay & Art Museum
Alappuzha – Kerala – S-Indien

20. – 28. Februar 2016
mit Kerstin Einhorn

Kosten: 540.- € / Person
7 Tage Workshop/Seminar incl. 8 Übernachtungen im DZ + HP
Mindestteilnehmer: 4 Personen
Anreise: 20.Februar 2016 – Abreise: 28.Februar 2016
Anmeldeschluss 31.Dezember 2015: Life@sylvianderhouse.com
bei Buchung Anzahlung 120.- €

7 Tage 2 mal täglich Yoga à 1.5 h 
an 2 Nachmittagen Ayurveda Seminar, Themen: 
Bin ich nun Vata, Pitta oder Kapha?
Wie wende ich mein individuelles Dosha gleich Bioenergien in der täglichen Routine in Europa an?
Wie kann ich Ayurveda mit anderen Naturheilverfahren kombinieren?
Grundlagen des Ayurveda, einfach und sinnvoll verstehen …

8 Übernachtungen im DZ mit Mittagessen oder Abendessen, vorwiegend aus biologischem Anbau
Grüntee, ayurvedische und tibetische Gesundheitstees, Kaffee, doppelt gefiltertes Trinkwasser aus eigenem Regenwassertank
deutsch-indische Betreuung vor Ort

Nicht inbegriffen:
Yogamatten – bei Bedarf für 8.- € erhältlich 
Flug nach Kochi, Kerala, Süd-Indien
Ausflüge und Trinkgelder
Visa – muss rechtzeitig über das indische Konsulat beantragt werden!!

Auf Wunsch können Ausflüge in die nähere Umgebung organisiert werden, z.B. Backwaterfahrt, Tempelbesuch, Besichtigung des Krishna Palace, Shopping in Alappuzha … 
Wer sich für Malen/Zeichnen oder/und Schreiben interessiert, kann gerne Rat und Anregungen bei den Gastgebern von Sylviander House einholen.

Kerstin Einhorn: 
Heilpraktikerin, Ayurveda-Expertin, Yoga-Lehrerin, Reisebegleiterin, Indienkennerin
In Europa solide als Heilpraktikerin ausgebildet, zog die ehemalige Pharmazeutisch-Technische-Assistentin 1999 nach S-Indien, um vor Ort ihr Wissen über Ayurveda und Yoga zu vertiefen. Seit 2005 lebt und arbeitet sie in Kerala, S-Indien – Unterricht in Yoga und Ayurveda, Beratung, Einführung, Workshops, und Führung kleiner Reisegruppen individuell durch Süd-Indien.
Mobile: 91- 9496138111

Sylviander House Eco-Homestay & Art Museum: 
Nach 7 Jahren Bauzeit hat das deutsch-indische Künstlerpaar – Sylvie Bantle, Schriftstellerin, und Alexander Devasia, Maler – ihre Vision Sylviander House am 21.Dez.2012 eröffnet. 
Der Luxus von Sylviander House ist neben den kulturellen Zusammenkünften die ökologische Bauweise im großzügigen Kerala-Stil umgeben von einem Garten mit Teich und Biotop. Natürliche Materialien wie der einst traditionelle Innenverputz ‘Kumayam‘ (Muschelkalk, Sand und Naturleim von einer Kletterpflanze), Terrakotta-Böden, viele antike Fenster und Türen und eine Raumhöhe von über 3 m halten die geräumigen Zimmer luftig kühl und trocken. Die einfache, gemütliche Ausstattung, die traditionellen Badezimmer mit Schöpfduschen, die Openair-Waschstelle und die Veranden lassen ein echtes Kerala-Feeling aufkommen. 

6 km nördlich von Alappuzha, 400 m vom Fischerstrand Chettikad, 70 km vom Internationalen Flughafen Kochi. 
Sylviander House, Blue Star Library Road, Chettikad, Pathirapally PO, Alappuzha 688 521, Kerala, India.
Tel: +91.9645817014 

Saturday 5 December 2015

Kerala Feeling in our Eco Homestay

Oh, what a Kerala Feeling of olden times …

A dream came true after decades of traveling in India, especially in Kerala, where upcoming modern times made vanish this special Kerala feeling to stay in a guesthouse or private homes I had experienced once. 

Forgotten are spacious rooms with high ceilings and many old windows for ventilation, which I‘ve enjoyed so much – once! That‘s why, it was my wish to create such an ambience for our Sylviander House. 
Also forgotten the traditional inside plaster Kumayam – shell powder, sand and a natural glue from a creeper plant growing nearby. 
This Kumayam keeps the room dry and cool. 

In tropical climate rooms need to breathe, otherwise you have to run the ventilator around the clock to get a bit of cool and dry. 
As in each of our guest rooms a 2nd door (here on the left side) leads to a small private verandah with an open air washing place. 

Forgotten is, that bathrooms never should be attached to the rooms. Bathrooms are wet places, and in a humid climate should to be placed outside. 

Stones and shells I collected during my many travelings around the globe got a useful and decorative place now …

Our bathrooms are created as have been once in olden times in Kerala. This safes water and is a great pleasure. 

On the verandahs to all directions you find a cosy place to read and relax and watch the nature around with all the bigger and smaller visitors …

… or to sit alone in the shadow or enjoy a talk in the sunset light … 

The open space between the two buildings in the 1st floor is a cool place, thanks to the wind passing through as a natural ventilation.

There we prefer to sit for discussions about our projects.

Depending to the sun, we can chose whether we need a cool shadow place or having a sun bath during sunrise at the morning tea verandah, where Alexander likes to sketch the life of butterflies and squirrels in the cashew nut tree. 

In our big kitchen we eat together with our guests – mainly organic food. Lilama from the village helps us with cooking.

Through all daytimes, light and atmosphere are changing … 

… and the early morning scenery in our garden with the pond and biotope behind overwhelms us again and again … 

Frogs and turtles live in this pond, but are rarely to see. 

Regular visitors walk along the pond in search for something to eat …

A vision I had in my young years came true! Luckily I met Alexander who shared this dream with me … 


Tuesday 10 November 2015

Impressions of 47th Wellbeing Tibetan Medical Camp November 4. – 6., 2015 at Sylviander House

The 47th Wellbeing Tibetan Medical Camp organised jointly by Friends of Tibet Foundation for the Wellbeing and Men-Tsee-Khang, the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute of HH the Dalai Lama will be held at Centre for Social and Political Art (CSPA), Sylviander House, from November 4 - 6 (Wed-Fri). 

This is the 6th Wellbeing Camp at Sylviander House. 

This time Friendsoftibet campaigner Eswar Anandan arrives alone the day before, as always bringing organic rice and organic vegetables for our meals. Friendsoftibet founder Sethu Das will reach on the 2nd day of WB Camp only.
Early morning as usual Eswar gets up very early in the morning to welcome the tibetan team at the railway station of Alappuzha. 

The team is:
Dr. Dorjee Rapten Neshar
Dr. Lhundup Dorjee
Sonam Wangmo
Yeshi Chodon
Tenzin Dhonden

For Alexander and me living in the Sylviander House, it is very comfortable. Whenever there is a gap, we can consult Dr. Dorjee. As Dr. Lhundup has no patient in that very moment, he joins the consultation. 

4 cars are quite the limit to park in the front garden of the Sylviander House. Many bring laying patients, who are too weak to sit or to walk.  

This time more cancer patients as usual come to see the doctors, some in their last stages. 
Heartbreaking to witness, especially to see children having cancer …

Later after sunset, it seems the beautiful evening sky wants to present us with solace.
Due to so many critical cases, it becomes late on the 2nd day.

In the afternoon Sethu Das has arrived together with Kallianpur, who is a very active member of Friendsoftibet. 
But this time Kallianpur has come as a serious patient, recently he had suffered a stroke. 

Next morning on day 3rd, the doctors study the protocoll of the hospital, where Kallianpur was admitted in Mumbai. 

After analyzing and discussing the diagnose documents they start with pulse reading …

Dr. Dorjee takes his time to listen to the pulse …

Then he wants to check Kallianpur‘s physical condition testing which parts were effected … 

This examination is followed by relaxing treatments …

Kallianpur was lucky, the stroke didn‘t cause too much damage. 

Finally Dr. Dorjee decides to do a Moxa treatment for which exact points have to be identified. 

Yeldtho Matthew, also a very active member of Friendsoftibet, will assist during the measurement with a thread … 

All these points will be marked …

Even the proportion of Kallianpur‘s fingers help to find out the right location …

Unfortunately, the instrument for the Moxa treatment is not working, but fortunately Yeldtho is here an knows how to repair. 

While I search successfully with Yeldtho for a spare cable in our universal box, so that he can do the repairs, Kallianpur enjoys a tea in the kitchen beside Eswar, who is busy around the clock to coordinate the appointments. 

Unaffected of the turbulence, the kittens play on the verandah, and as always, the patients enjoy to watch them.

Officially the WB Camp ends on day 3rd, always a friday, at 1 pm. Often – as this time – it gets 2 pm until the last patient has left and everybody can have lunch. 

Since Yeldtho is working in Goa, he can rarely manage to participate WB Camp as a campaigner.

So we are happy to spend in the afternoon some leisure time together with him, our Moxa instrument repair master, while Dr. Dorjee is having a nap.

Before starting the Moxa treatment, Dr. Dorjee has a look on Kallianpur‘s blood pressure, which was very high during the stroke.

And again he listens to what the pulse is telling. 

Then Moxa treatment starts, Dr. Lhundup is assisting … 

The marks which were done in the morning are still visible. These points are treated with heat, which would show always a good effect on the patients complaints, Dr. Dorjee explains. 

The tool with the 3 holes is necessary for not to slip with the Moxa instrument, which is very hot. 
Finally Dr. Lhundup applies a bit butter on all treated spots.

To complete the therapy, Dr. Dorjee is working out some exercises with Kallianpur to improve the motor function … 

The Moxa treatment was a bit painful, but not heavy, Kallianpur says and smiles. 
And while drinking tea with tiffins from Varghese‘s tea shop nearby, he has forgotten about pain and Moxa treatment and enjoys with everybody … 

Next WB Camp will be in January 2016. 
For all further information and online registration: www.friendsoftibet.org

Photographs by Sylvie Bantle and Eswar Anandan

Text by Sylvie Bantle

! Very sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. Due to very weak internet connections these days I could download the photographs in low resolution only !