Friday 31 August 2018

Impressions of 63rd Wellbeing Tibetan Medical Camp, July 11 – 13, 2018 at Centre for Social & Political Art (CSPA) at Sylviander House

My highlight on this camp was a long talk with my friend Mrinalini on the verandah, who had come for volunteering as so many times before. We met some years ago, when the Wellbeing Tibetan Medical Camp was held in Ashir Bhavan at Ernakulam. From the first moment we felt very close …

See the report for Friendsoftibet with Mrinalini Rajgopal: 
Conversations on Healing and Wellbeing 
(Alappuzha, Kerala | July 2018 | Report: Sylvie Bantle | Editing: Dr Aparna Rao)

For patients who not speak English, she translates during the consultations …

… otherwise she will sit in the entrance hall to instruct the patients and to help them filling the forms. 

As mostly our European friends had come to consult Dr. Dorjee and as always we had a good talk afterwards. 

Dr. Dorjee was reading the pulse of the patients with the help of his assistants then beside the medicines giving advices for a supporting diet and lifestyle … 

… while my stitching room turned into Sethu’s office and Suresh's briefing room as always during the camp. 

Look at these four flours! 

It is really not easy to take a picture, always one is not posing in the right way!!!

One morning we had an interesting visitor, a young blogger, who lives nearby. 

She made some interviews with patients and got good informations from Dr. Dorjee. 

For sometimes our youngest cat boy Leo was watching the scenes in front of Dr. Dorjee’s room – or was he waiting for a consultation to having a pulse diagnose? 

It was raining a lot …

… the path to Sylviander House was slightly flooded. 

The Tibetan team took some of our garden tools and tried to solve the problem. 

They really worked hard to dig some small channels along the path … 

… so the stagnant water could drain off. 

At that moment it was fun, nobody could anticipate what would happen only one month later … Luckily the coastal area and Chettikad were spared from the big flood, which devastated many regions in Kerala. 

After a long time again we all decided to take a group photograph before Dr. Dorjee and his team left for the railway station in the Rikscha of our good Rikscha driver Elias … 

Tibetan team: Dr. Dorjee Rapten, Dr. Tulku, Dr. Rabgey, Yeshi Chodon, Sonam Wangmo

– Photographs by Sylvie Bantle and Sethu Das –

The 64th Wellbeing Tibetan Medical Camp organised jointly by ‘Friends of Tibet Foundation for the Wellbeing’ and ‘Men-Tsee-Khang’, the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute of His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be held from September 5 - 7, 2018 (Wed-Fri). The venue for the medical camp is Centre for Social & Political Art (CSPA), Sylviander Land, Chettikad Beach Road, Alappuzha, Kerala, India.
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