Thursday 26 March 2015

3 new kitten in the artist‘s studio

Thanks to our cats at Sylviander House, who make me forget for some moments the actual crisis in Europe and what is globally going on, I can refill myself with lively energy and joy. Such is so important for balancing during militant times troubling the world … 

During her last days of pregnancy I observed cat Bianca searching in the Sylviander House for the most safest place. 

In the night of February 25 she then gave birth to 3 kitten – where? In a paper box filled with canvas which always was the very secret hiding place of Simba in Alexander‘s studio. As I know my cats very well, I found out immediately. 

When Bianca went out for hunting since she is a wild cat, I had a look and welcomed these little beings: 2 girls and 1 boy. 

After a few days, Bianca has shifted her kids to another box in the studio, the box where I store my books »Das Glück der Narren« and »One Minute!« (sorry, all in German language only). 

I had to laugh to see them sleeping between the pages, obviously exhausted from reading. 

Then I made some order for more comfort to them. 

Again after some time the box was empty, but still I saw Bianca coming and going. So I knew, the kitten where here, but very good hided. To hide and to be invisible is the great talent of cats. It is very important for wild cats for surviving their kitten. Bianca already has lost many, eaten by crows, dogs, male cats … And how she suffered afterwards! All days moaning she has shared her pain with me … 

When I looked behind the huge cupboard, I saw Bianca laying between wall and back board, a narrow space, hardly she is fitting in. I understood. Under this cupbard there is a space of around 10 cm hight, which is closed to the front side. There once Simba and his 2 siblings were hiding as kitten too. Somehow I managed to take a picture for prove without being able to see anything to focus … 

This picture showed me how clean it is behind and under the cupboard – I guess, thanks to Bianca! 
Few days later I found the kitten in the gap behind the shelf, so narrow, that Bianca didn‘t fit. She called then her kitten with a very special sound to come out for feeding. 

I placed them back in the book box which was more comfortable for everybody and Bianca accepted. 

Sometimes I take them out for making some pictures, which really is a hard task. 

1 month after giving birth Bianca will get a 4th kitten at the same age, but this is another story … 

Friday 13 March 2015

Owl in front of the Sylviander House

One year back an owl was sitting under the roof of our Sylviander House, hiding from the crows always chasing poor owls and Krishna Eagles. (see post: Owl under the roof)

Recently one morning we heard a tremendous yelling of exited crows and had a look, what was the reason. 

A beautiful visitor was silenty sitting on a palm leave in our garden, while the gaggle of crows screamed their threats towards the innocent being. 

While taking pictures, I wished the owl would look once to me. 
And after some time the owl did as understood. 
Thanks dear owl. 

Later when I was watering the garden I found the owl hiding behind the plants. Don‘t fly away, you are safe here! 
But the crows suddenly started again their attacks, so the owl took off trying to escape – and all crows brawly behind … 
I am sure the owl found a shelter. We can hear their voices in the night.