Friday 30 September 2016

Impressions of 52nd Wellbeing Tibetan Medical Camp, September 7 – 9, 2016 at Centre for Social & Political Art (CSPA) at Sylviander House

As always we were looking forward to the 11th Wellbeing Camp at Sylviander House, welcoming Sethu Das a day before. Unfortunately, Eswar Anandan couldn‘t manage to come for this camp. 

Preparation meanwhile became a routine, and when next early morning the tibetan team arrives from Bangalore, it feels like good old friends coming to our home for sharing some days together … 

While the tibetan team has breakfast and then doing the morning prayer, already patients are waiting patiently in front of the house under the shadow of the two cashew nut trees – one gives yellow fruits, one red ones. They must be a love tree couple, as they grow very close into each other.  

At present there is a sharp increase in diseases due to lifestyle reasons and new diseases cropping up due to side effect and wrong medication. People often fall prey to symptomatic treatment and instant medication to relieve pain and provide instant relief without thinking twice about the cause or effect of such drugs on one's health. Choice has led to steep decrease in patience and intelligence quotient.

In such troubled times, people of God's Own country are benefitting for the sixth year from a political tragedy which occurred decades back, forcing multitudes of Tibetans to leave their home land and seek refuge in India. The old traditions still kept alive, medication in its ancient form still finds application - benefiting the people of the country. 

Every two months hundreds benefit from the age-old medical practice of 'Sowa Rigpa'.

The paperbags, in which the patients carry their tibetan medicines home, are handmade from old news papers. 

On the front side of the paper bags, a drawing by Alexander Devasia is applied, showing birds in the branches of the cashew-nut love tree couple in front of our Sylviander House. 

The three days of the camp are flying fast … 
Always we meet some patients, who come regularly for the consultation to getting their medicines. Then we enjoy good talks about body, mind and soul and being in balance … 

One evening, Alexander cooks a »lecker« pumpkin soup … 

And as always, there is fine drinkingwater in our kitchen, from our own rainwater tank, double filtered and finally filled in glass bottles, on which I‘ve written the most positive and powerful information to the water element: Freude, Liebe, Danke = Joy, Love, Thanks! 

Masuru Emoto, a japanese scientist, whom I have seen speaking in Munich 1998 has inspired me since then … 
Sethu says, there is really a difference. I agree, and I feel to drink more from joy, love, health, which balance body, mind and soul … 
And look at this, how many orbs are levitating over the bottles, one is quite huge. It is said, some orbs were definitely energy, which is spirit, bundled light … 

This time, I filmed the morning prayer of the tibetan team at Dr. Dorjee Rapten‘s room – Dr. Dorjee Rapten Neshar, Dr. Lhundup Dorjee, Yeshi Chodon, Tenzin Dhonden, Tenzin Dolker. 
The short film is to be seen on Youtube:
Tibetan Morning Prayer for the Medicine Buddha:

The Wellbeing Tibetan Medical Camp organised jointly by ‘Friends of Tibet Foundation for the Wellbeing’ and ‘Men-Tsee-Khang’, the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute of His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be held every 2 months (Wed-Fri) at Centre for Social & Political Art (CSPA), Sylviander House, Chettikad Beach Road, Alappuzha, Kerala, India. 

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