Saturday, 11 October 2014

Tree Goddesses in our Garden

When we were searching for a place for us many years ago, my argument for not liking a place was, there was nothing to see for me. Our search took many years. 

When we had a rush look at Sylvianderland 10 years ago, my and our YES came sponaneously. Why? It was the pond with the natural grown wilderness behind and beside 2 old trees, nearly extincted. I haven‘t seen them anywhere. 

These kind of trees – malayalam: Kashampuli – once belonged to the typical Kerala landscape. They always grow beside a pond, grow very slow and have berries for the birds. 

In our garden these are a bigger and a smaller one. From the first moment I felt the presence of a tree goddess mother with her daughter. Whenever I am sad or disappointed or desperate about some situations in this country they give me silently consolation. 
And every morning they are my first view, then I feel blessed. They always look different, depending on the light. With them there is never boredom or loneliness. 

Once when some workers cleaned the pond, these 2 trees were a bit disturbing for them to take out the water. A man watching said: »Why don‘t you cut these trees!?« We were shocked. Unfortunately this is an attitude of many. These 2 trees with the scenery around were the reason we bought this land. 

Major changes happened since then in our surroundings. Only 10 years and so many wilderness and natural corner disappeared for new buildings. During this process, our Kavu – this sacred nature realm – becomes more and more rare and precious. 

Our guests, some friends and the neighborhood children appreciate this beauty of nature, stand silently and watch and say: »How beautiful …« 

As long as I live, I will protect these 2 tree goddesses. 
Thanks to Mother Nature … 

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