Thursday 3 October 2013

Lecture of Mrinalini Rajgopal on healing plants in our surroundings

Sometimes we are so lucky having very interesting visitors. 
On the 1st of October 2013 Mrinalini Rajgopal from Ottapalam near Palghat stayed in the Sylviander House for 2 days sharing with us her knowledge about the plants in our garden – mostly considered as useless weeds and plucked out. As me after taking pictures for my biota study. 
Since some months I let them grow along the south wall in front of the house. On dry days without rain, when I have to water my cultivations of tomatoes, chilies, capsicum and herbage I also water this stripe of weed cultivation, curiously what is growing by nature – and more and more I feel it looks so beautiful. Of course some people still not recognize it as a wonderful garden, which can serve us with healing power.

Mukuti: helpful for piles, painful periods, glancing the uterus.

Thumpa: helpful for Asthma, problems with eyes and lungs. 

Luckily during Mrinalini‘s visit 29 women from the village employed in the Thozhilurape-Project are cleaning our westland where we will cultivate pumpkins as last year. These women are payed by the Panchayat for helping in the gardens of the people here in Chettikad with the garantee for having work on at least 100 days a year. 

When we told them about Mrinalini could giving them a lecture on healing plants in the surroundings, they were happy to get to know and helped us to clean the rice for our lunch.

After finishing their work they gathered in front of the house to listen to Mrinalini‘s lecture. 

And they could asked many questions about which plants can cure their complaints.

They were so much interested in what Mrinalini has to tell, that they invited her for their next meeting in some weeks. 

Thanks to Mrinalini, come again – pinnekanam!

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